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CC# and Value instead of Program Change?


Hi all. I use the MFC mk3 as a midi controller exclusively. Is it possible to send a CC# and value instead of a program change when you change presets using the "Up" and "Down" buttons? The amp I'm using does not use PC messages and I'd like to use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to change settings on the amp (Line 6 DT25). I'd like the CC# to be 91 and the values (one for each model available in the amp) to be 0-30.


The Up/Down buttons don't change presets unless you have Bank Size set to a specific value (which I think is "1"). Those buttons are not programmable as far as I am aware.

Since the MFC supports both Axe Fx functionality and general midi use, you should be able to do this... But not sure if you are trying to control both an amp and a Fractal device or just general midi?

The MFC can definitely send CC# with data values since that is how scenes are implemented in the Fractal products.


The UP/DOWN switches are not user-programmable. Consider using External Switches to send the CCs you want. Also, you might look into the INT CC (Internal CC) feature for sending CCs with each Preset selection.
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