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Cats are Useless


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We have 5 cats indoor and feed 6 feral cats outside. No issues here and we back into a forest preserve. I can't recall the last time I saw a spider.


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You are probably feeding your cats too much. Cut the food and they will look for something to supplement their diet.


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Cut back on their food...........I wouldn't get up at 3:00 am and drive a dump truck for 10 to 12 hours every day if someone kept filling my bowl every day............lol;)


Is that a samoyed? I love them :)
Yep, he's a samoyed. He's our miracle dog. I came home from work to find him paralyzed on the floor from a ruptured disc in his spine. They gave him about a 5% chance he would ever walk again. 3 years later and he's still catching rabbits in the back yard. He's on one of those "success story" posters at the vets office.


tears* what a beautiful story. Congrats on your miracle dog. I hope to have a Samoyed one day. They're amazing dogs and companions.
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Mine kills just about anything smaller than him...including snakes! I picked him up 8 years ago as a stray black kitten. I found were I work (at a Shipyard). His name is "ShipYard Kat" (SYK) and he now weights 17 lbs. I guess it's bred into him, as the Rats in the Shipyard are huge!
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