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Captain James T. Kirk...To Boldy Go...


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A friend told me to check out his comments after they landed and that was the highlight of my day yesterday, I totally got choked up when he was discussing it, while also being a little annoyed at everyone talking over him and spraying champagne at each other.

That one line, “I hope I never recover from this” was really endearing. I’d imagine he’s had quite the experiences in his life, so to see him so moved by that was really touching.


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This is an interview Anderson Cooper did with William Shatner prior to the launch. If you have time, watch the whole thing, it's only about 20 minutes long. Keep in mind, Shatner is 90 years old, he's still as sharp as a tack, articulate and doesn't miss a beat. He has an incredible sense of humour too!

Here's a snippet of the interview, highlighting some of the really funny comments by Shatner!

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