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Can't Nail that Slash Tone


I just can't quite get a Slash tone that i'm happy. I've tried numerous versions mostly with the AFD1 and AFD 2, i've tried using it with and overdrive and without, i've tired compressors, PEQ's(although I'm not i'm doing this correctly). It always just sounds too thin and nasally. I usually try this with a some sort of V30 cab, I'm using a Les Paul and FRFR not at a super loud volume. I've tried cranking the master but it gets a little flubby and lots of noise(hums and pops). Any suggestion, do I just need to pick a different amp?


Well, the main issue is probably that the Slash tone from AFD is really really bright for a Les Paul, so it's not far from "thin and nasally" to begin with. Stands out great in the album mix, but if my guitar sounded like that at live gig volumes, it would rip my head off.

I wouldn't use overdrive, compressors, or PEQs for this job. If you can't get the sound from amp and cab blocks only, try some different amp and cab blocks.

Have you tried simply turning the treble or presence way down in the amp block to see what that sounds like? Or maybe rolling back the tone knob on your guitar a bit?
I don't really like my "Slash" tone to sound like he does on AFD, because, as has been mentioned already, its very cutting and nasally. I recently listened to the guitars in isolation on Welcome To The Jungle and it really made me appreciate how to make guitars sound great in a mix, however, when playing a song on my own, I don't want to hear my guitar like that...which, I think, is where you're coming from.

I like a nice thick Marshall sound, and find SCoM sounds great with the Modded 800 model and usually pick some stereo V30s with a 57 on one and 121 on the other.

With the parameters, i put saturation up to authentic and turn the dial a little, and add the cut. Turn the drive up a bit and leave the EQ not to far from noon with presence to taste, but not too much. Add an 808 drive before it with the gain on 0 and it really does get beautifully saturated, thick and sustains for days...may not be true to the exact tone, but it's my interpretation of how I think it should sound.

Sometimes, getting the exact sound isn't what you want and doesn't sound as sweet as you would like anyway. Be creative and find other ways to achieve it.

...or you could ignore all of the above and stick with the nasally tone, its probably closer to the original album sound than you think.


Thanks for all the replies. I'm not on the newest software, i'm on 6. I'll download it and try the #34. That Welcome to the Jungle clip was very interesting. Way harsher than I thought. I do love how it sounds when he is palm muting. I'm going to try some of the tips as well. Thanks for the help.


Downloaded the update, I like the 34 amp, it's much cleaner with not as much gain as I was expecting. To give me a little more gain which route would be best, and obviously I'm still pretty new to adjusting patches. Should I increase the master, increase the input trim, or increase the input drive. I still don't fully understand the differences between these.


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Keep in mind that Slash's tone wasn't just an amp. He's known for using Alnico Pro II pickups. I'm running an AP2 in the neck and a Duncan Custom Custom in the bridge with great results. Slash also dialed back the tone knob on some of his lead work to get that warm creamy tone. One last consideration is that your tone will sound completely different when sitting in a mix and EQ'd. That where you can really tell if you nailed it.


I got real close to the album sound using a Brit Silver in firmware Q5.02.
I since updated to Q7.02 and I'm currently 50 hours and various different amps in, and I cant get anywhere near where I was...
This box is a double edge sword. Wish we could have kept the modeling version roll back feature...
I'm considering rolling back to Q5.02 and staying there just for my Slash patches.
Anyway, I also seem to have more luck with some 4x12 IR's from Redwirez, they are quite thin sounding by nature, and don't have the bottom boom, but the highs are also quite rounded off, kind of goes "bleep bleep" rather than "spit spit" which is what I hear for example in the intro of SCOM.
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