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Can't move ilok licenses for new Mac


Power User
Tried to move licenses from an old unsupported key to a new one.
Doing this on my new machine is not working.
From what I can gather this process needs to be done on the machine where the licences were installed?
I setup Vienna Ensemble Pro on my old Win 7 machine and needed to make changes to the firewall for it to connect to my Mac.
All working.
When I run ilok Activation manager, I get the "server unavailable" message.
After googling I came to the conclusion that its not connecting because my firewall is not "secure." Internet access is working fine on this machine.
This is my guess.


Fractal Fanatic
If you are trying to move the licenses from one iLok to another I believe that can only be done by Pace (company that owns iLok)

Sunlit Omega

New Member
As long as it shows up in the iLok license manager (on your new computer), it's as simple as clicking on the iLok that you want to remove the licenses from and going one by one right clicking on each license, and then selecting deactivate. The license will be removed from your iLok and go back to sitting in your account. After you've emptied the old iLok, remove it and connect the one you'd like to activate your licenses on and start activating them on the new key.

It's been forever since I've had to deal with a first gen iLok (if that's what you've got, I'm only assuming since the 2nd gen iLok is still widely supported) so I can't know for sure if your new computer will not interface with it, but I'd imagine it should, if only to just get the licenses off of it.
I own and operate a studio so I'm constantly shuffling licenses for software around on different iLoks and workstations.
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