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Can you use a matrix gt1000fx with a 1x12?


Considering picking up a mesa recto 1x12… its a 60 watt cab… would that work ok with a matrix gt1000fx? Or would it explode? Lol


Fractal Fanatic
I have gt1000fx into 2 112 Mesas (one with 8ohm 60w v30, one with 8ohm 90w black shadow c90) - 👍👍 - I never turn it up super loud, but, if I did I'd have to be careful to not blow a speaker since in stereo @ 8ohm the amp produces 325w/channel on full. Note that on the gt1000 the volume is dictated by the attenuation knobs AND level of signal going in so you can get it quite loud with a high input signal and lower knob setting and you can have it quiet at low input signal and higher knob setting. From what I've read I think there is a sweet spot with attenuation knob at about 2pm - I tend to use this with low input signal (I always start up at no input and raise slowly).
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