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Can you change the default display screen? (dreaming of performance mode)


By default, my FXIII displays all the scene names in the current preset. Now that I have an FC pedal, this information is redundant since I have the scene names displayed on my FC. Is there any way I could change my display screen to default to ACTIVE AMP BLOCK:TONE? Ideally, I would love to have a performance screen where I could pick what is displayed so I could tweak anything I wanted quickly during a performance - but until someday when the performance mode wish is finally implemented, I would settle on being able to adjust the tone parameters in the amp block (without menu diving).

(I saw in a different post that this might be done using the FC pedal somehow, but I could not duplicate)
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RTA block is about as much as we have right now ... more of a screen trick rather than true performance mode.

Kamil Kisiel

I'd love to have the zoomed out meters view as the default screen. That's really the only screen I use on the Axe-FX most of the time.


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For a floor pedal that you'll be able to look at (as opposed to a rack unit behind you), being able to choose something like Amp block and controls would be a great function. And if they could be linked to the 5 knobs you'd be able to adjust Drive/B/M/T/Level without having to menu-dive!
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