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Can the Mic be eliminated by sum and difference?


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After endless comparisons with traditional original gear and sleepless nights on the Axe Fx, and sheer frustration with how the Digital domain mimics the original gear and enviournment/experience, my conclusion is that the only thing Digital gear can have going for it is to offer a sound that a Tube Amp and Guitar Cabinet can not do, otherwise its going to chase forever the original thing unsuccesfully, as it is not it, its a different thing.. Just like no Hendrix imitator can sound like Hendrix, because he is not him...
I am hoping that with this conclusion i can move on and stop annoying the forum...
Plug it into the same guitar cab. It does the tube amp thing just fine.


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Or, not all products are for all people.

I had an iRig for giggles; not for me. Sits lost in some drawer around here somewhere ...


I’m sure someone else has already pointed out this irony, but.... OP wants to remove the coloration of the SM57 so he can play the AITR sound through a FRFR speaker... which will COLOR the sound...

... because there’s no such thing as a fully flat speaker.
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