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Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?


Well folks...I have been trying for many hours using various compressor settings, amp blocks, overdrives, etc. But no matter what I do I cannot get a note to ring and sustain like this. I shake my hand and listen to the note die out. Damn frustrating. Surely there must be a way to get a blues tone and sustain at the same time.
The example starts at 2:47



Ya You are right....just got shit from the wife. LOL Easy to get sustain on Marshal and Freidman amps cranked but not so on the fenders. I have been obsessed
Your gonna need volume to get that kind of sustain... which the Axe can definitely do, but only with speakers...
with trying to get the ultimate blues tone with my Strats lately. Thinkin I should of never of sold off my home built 5e3 and pedals.

will romero

You could always use a pigtronix philosopher's tone compressor. It has the most incredible sustain I've ever got out of a pedal. No air needs to be moved for it to work. Second would be the wampler ego compressor. But that's just my experience. Not sure about the compressors in the axe fx.


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That's controlled feedback. Nothing to it other than installing a sustainer pickup or using speakers at a decent volume.
To get the best sustain and control your guitar, you must have speakers. I use an Ebow for sustain but it is different than with speakers and guitar pick-up.


One of the first things I was able to achieve with my Axe Fx II is high gain presets that can feedback at bedroom levels, it surprised one friend so much that he bought an Axe Fx II + MFC.
Of course that same preset would feedback way too much at louder levels where I'd need to dial back the gain to tame it.


Did you check your noise gate settings?
Ya....I turned it right off. I can Get lots of sustain If I have it cranked and get feedback, and I guess I will have to live with that and not be able to do it in the house at lower levels. First world problems.


There is a patch on here I think that Yek made called "feedback sustainer" or something to that degree. That could lead you in the direction you are looking for.

Tom Morris

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I bought a Digitech Freqout pedal and never use it if anyone is interested in buying it. Just collecting dust here. My stage volume is loud enough to make it happen without that pedal so don't need it. Im in Florida 34983.
The Axe-FX II is not my first modelling amp, it's my second. I found with my previous one, which, relatively speaking, is a mere toy, a Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro, that with the V-Amp it was almost impossible to get feedback like that at any volume level. The reason for this, as I interpret it, is that there is too much time delay between the input signal to the amp and the time the result comes out of the speaker. It's a barely noticeable delay so that means it's probably around 30 milliseconds.

Responsive feedback, as I interpret it, requires a very, very short stimulus-response loop time. And with the Axe-FX, it's apparently fast enough. I can get infinite feedback/sustain out of it, without even having to go to crazy volume levels to do it.

To get this happening, I suggest you start by boosting the frequencies you most want to feed back. Use a parametric EQ (pre-gain) and sweep it until it sings.


I guess these Alnico 3s lowered for great tone are not hot enough. The Alnico 5s in my other strat work much better. I just don't want high pitched feedback. I am Trying to get sustain with a nice bluesy rounded tone on my Alnico 3s like I used to do with tube amps. It is easy to get screaming sustain at high volumes with the Axe II but it is not the sound I am shooting for at the moment. Thanks for the advice guys. I may end up getting another tube amp anyway. I love all of the effects and fancy stuff I can do with the Axe, but am going back to the roots of things for a while.


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I haven't tried getting a ton of sustain from the Axe FX. I did recently get a Helix and paired it with the Shuriken. I created heavy dual rectifier tone and it gets a ton of sustain. It's probably from the piezo pickups as they tend to pick up everything from good to bad to ugly. So you can probably get a lot of sustain from the Axe FX with the right pickups. Should probably throw some volume boosts in front along with compressors (multiple???).

And don't hate on me for mentioning the Helix. I have lots of toys. The Axe FX is still my favorite.
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