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Can IA switches be set differently PER preset rather than global?


Hi, I am wondering something. When setting the function of the Instant access switches are these set globally or on a per preset basis? i.e. if I have two presets stored to location 5 and 6 when I recall the presets can the function of the IA switches be different between each? Also, is it possible to have different secondary functions per switch but different per preset or is all this done globally?



I was reading in the MFC101 user guide the following : ' The ON or OFF state for each General Use IA Switch is saved in each MFC -‐101 preset. This provides “scene recall” capability where different presets cause different switches to turn on or off automatically . For example: you might want the IA Switch controlling a midi -‐ powered amp relay switch to be ON whenever you load your “Lead” preset, and OFF when you load a “Clean Rhythm” preset.' From here http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/mfc-101/MFC-101-Owners-Manual.pdf

Does this mean setting the IA switches on a per preset basis is only possible when a switch is set to General use and not Axe FX use? If so, are the IA switches GLOBAL only when set to Axe FX use?


No, I don't think this is possible. I got this from the MFC-101 user guide

In Axe-Fx Mode the IA switches operate globally, meaning that you cannot change switch assignments per preset

and this

If you select "None", the switch is not assigned to specific Axe-Fx functionality. It will be available for general MIDI use (referred to as: General Use IA Switch). This lets you program MIDI commands. You can send 2 separate MIDI CCs, a MIDI PC and additional custom MIDI commands per switch. Use value 127 to switch on effects, 0 to switch off. Or select OFF to send nothing at all. General Use IAs operate globally (same across all presets).


You can do that with the more advanced midi controllers like RJM. Would love to see RJM and Fractal build together the ultimate one with Fas Link.


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If you set the IA switches to be general use and set the CC# to one of the external controls in the mfc, the external control can be set to do different things in different presets in the axe fx. wild card IA.
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