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Can I use fx8 to control axe fx 2 instead of mfc?????

Johan Allard

Power User
The Fx8 and Axe Fx 2 can do midi so yes, you can control the Axe Fx 2 or any other midi controllable device. MFC has a Axe Fx mode that makes it easy to integrate, Fx8 will not (I haven’t seen one but why would it - the purpose of the Fx8 is to work with tube amps after all, and we know it doesn’t have a FASlink or cat5 like the MFC) so integration will not be as streamlined.

I think you will get a sense of how it would be by configure the MFC in midi mode (i.e. not Axe Fx mode), disconnect any FASlink and cat5 and limit yourself to only using 8 IA’s.
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