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Can I accomplish this with Scenes?


Dumb, question, i'm looking for a way(hopefully without a pedal) to switch between a clean sound and a distortion sound. From what I understand you can't use two different amps in scenes, is this correct? What's the easiest way to do this?


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you can use two AMPS in one preset and switch them on/off between scenes (eg from clean to dirty/lead. dont forget set the bypass mode to mute


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Yes that's right. I do this on a couple of presets for specific songs, where I toggle between scenes 1 & 2 for Clean & Dirty. An alternative to toggling between two presets.


I think there are three ways:

1. Change the X/Y state of the amp block. Disadvantage is the transition may not be smooth if you need to do this mid song. Advantage is it is reasonably easy to set up.

2. Place two amp blocks in the preset and change their on/off state between scenes as mentioned above. Disadvantage is the extra CPU used, but again straight forward to set up.

3. Use science controllers to adjust the necessary parameters. Disadvantage is it takes longer to set up, but no CPU impact or gaps in transition.



Without a pedal?

I would use a Wrecker, Dumble or Marshall and the volume knob on the guitar.

Lot's of amps cleanup well with the guitar volume but those three amp types came to mind first.
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