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Can’t Open Presets and Cabinets Stored On iCloud


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Yesterday, I ran into a situation where FM3-Edit will not import presets and cabinets stored in my Documents folder, which is synced with my iCloud account. I store all of my presets, cabinets, and backups in iCloud to free up space one my MacBook. This eluded me until I did a test with a few of the built-in Apple Applications and here are my results:

If I attempt to import a preset or cabinet into FM3-Edit that is stored in a folder in my iCloud account but hasn't been synced with my MacBook, it will not open. Selecting a file or folder that has not been synced will result in an empty Audition column. After clicking on the the little cloud icon in the Finder to download the file to the local folder, they become accessible by FM3-Edit.

I also tested this with a few built-in Apple Applications, and in one case, the application will download the file locally, without having to click the little cloud icon, before closing the open file dialog box and opening the file. I tested this with Quicktime and a .MOV file and it opened without incident. However, when I attempted to import another .MOV file into Final Cut Pro, it behaved the same as FM3-Edit. I had to manually download the file locally in the Finder in order to be able to access it through Final Cut Pro.

So my question is, is this functionality that can be added? As more and more people begin to use cloud storage, this is functionality that I feel would people would definitly benefit from.
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Greg Ferguson

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I copied a backup of my FM3 to my iCloud-based Documents folder, then deleted the download and got the grayed iCloud download buttons showing it wasn't local, then opened the Bank D file in FM3-Edit directly from iCloud. Initially the files in the folder in the Openfile picker were gray, then went solid black, then the bank opened in the Preset Manager and I was able to install a preset, so I can't duplicate the problem.

Afterwards, the Bank D file shows it's been cached locally, as I'd expect.

I'm on Big Sur on a iMac Pro connected via a 1GB fiber connection. A slower connection might cause a timeout or a longer wait. I'm running the latest FM3-Edit v1.05.
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