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Can’t decide, G.A.S. Content


I’m in the market for yet another guitar, I own several. Looking at basses right now. I have a nice Fretless Jazz, a 5string American Jazz, and a reissue 55 P bass. I’m looking at a relic blue Jazz that is nicely done with reverse tuners etc, and it is matched against a reissue Guild Starfire. The price for the J is double the Guild. Price is really not the issue. I love the tone of a Starfire, the look, not so much, they are ok I guess. I love the tone and look of the Jazz. please don’t chime in with any anti relic rhetoric, I don’t care what you think about them honestly, so it won’t change my thoughts on that. Just wondering if there is anyone with any of these instruments out there.im really split down the middle on this.


Fractal Fanatic
Well, you mention 2 pluses for the Jazz, but only one for the Guild...

The other potential plus I see for the Guild is that you have 3 Fenders and may want variety (?)
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