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Cameron Amp model will be in Axe II on release!! -->


Nah, I think it's great. There's not nearly enough metal-head guitar amp models in the AFX II. [/sarcasm]
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Awesome to hear that a Cameron will be included in the Axe FX lineup. I wonder if there's any plans or even the ability to have this ported to the Standards/Ultras... I'm not sure when I'll be able to afford a II, but I would love to have a Cameron model (and the Jose Marshall) to play with, too


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They're just really excited. Everyone who has tried one gets excited so it's understandable.


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Wow!!! Cameron made Terminator, Avatar, does ocean exploration and now designs amps... wow!!! I'll be bach
quote: "That made me excited. I'd be worried if I was you. "

do you want to play an AXE II with me? :lol
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We attempted to model the CCV last weekend. It didn't quite sound the same. Maybe with an actual CCV model in the AXE II we'll get it closer....

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