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Cabs and IR's for Low Volume


Are there certain cabs or IR's that are better for low volume playing? Maybe some that are brighter than others, most of my patches seem dark.


I think the majority of people on this forum set up their presets to play live at gigs. Presets sound a lot different at gig volume than bedroom volume, everything is enhanced at volume -- drive, bass, treble, delay, etc -- so they sound bland at bedroom volume.

Could be a market for a new preset pack? Or just set up your own by turning up the drive, bass, treble whatever until it sounds good.


Are these your own presets, downloaded from forum, or bought?

I always like to use a reference preset (that I know sounds great both live and at home) when making/using new presets.


I think you're better off dialing in the tone for bedroom level. If you change the IR, you change the character of the tone, including all kinds of midrange stuff that is the heart of the tone.


What are you listening to the presets through? FRFR cabs, computer speakers, regular amp cabs?
I use the oval cab in quiet setting (at home).
Works for me. Kinda like listening thru an old car radio!
Rule of thumb for me regarding real tube amps: small room, use a small amp > read as Fender "Champ", to "Princeton" in a little bigger room. Save the huge stuff for large halls and stadiums.
I wish more players, in small clubs, would follow this advice. Easier to get nice overdrive/tone quietly.
Check out where Jeff Beck gets his tone! Usually a small amp into larger amps. Worth a look.
Loud in a small club is just obnoxious... deafness or using earplugs, just stupid, IMO.
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Check out Leon Todd (RAGDOLL) presets here on forum. They are excellent presets and sound great at low or reasonable volumes for home playing.
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