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Cable cooking - people believe this bs?

Joe Bfstplk




I mean come on. Breaking in a cable? Or a power cord? A power cord!!!!! And the device costs $1000.

People terrify me.
People believe in "demagnetizing" CDs and putting wooden supports under power cables to "improve soundstage". CDs are made with aluminum, which can't be made magnetic. Power cables are inevitably plugged into the shittiest, cheapest home wiring cable available when the house was built.


Fractal Fanatic
I can't help but be impressed by the audacity of the statement at the end. I guess the proof of the benefits is left as an exercise for the reader.

One can now correlate the impressive signal level produced by the Cable Cooker and the benefits derived by its use with the cabling in our audio/video systems.


YEah...ultimately it's far more entertaining and seductive to read and accept myth than it is to read and understand technical treatise.

And myths are the glue of society..


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Audiophiles are utterly insane in the amount of snake oil they are willing to chase. Then again guitarists are just as crazy. Tubes only, tonewood, gold plated guitar cables, the list is just as endless. I reckon because there is a major overlap between both groups.


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Wow. I looked at the website, the whole thing looked like an elaborate April fools joke but then I Googled some more. Boatloads of idiots propagating this cable break-in nonsense.

Just... wow!


I've been to these audiophile fests. The amount of cash thrown at a search for the 'perfection' of audio amazed me. $800 for a 1 foot cable. A modified tweeter that listed for 10k (and you needed 4 of them for each side of a room.)

Yes, the sounds were amazing, but one guy said he had 500k worth of gear set up...and it was a freakin hotel room.
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This is hilarious:

Will cables revert back over time requiring a second burn-in, or are the results permanent?

Unless cabling is completely disconnected for a long period of time, we don’t think they completely revert back to their original, raw state. However, in our experience, all cables retrograde in performance over time. Break-in or conditioning is a long-term, but not permanent phenomenon. Cabling performance improves (as does one’s system) with a periodic “recharge” of 24 to 36 hours every few months, and many long-time Cooker owners continue to enjoy this benefit. This makes owning the Cable Cooker a great long-term value.
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