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Cab-Lab with a tube head

Is it possible to use the Cab-Lab plugin in Logic to record a real tube amp? If so, are there any demos of this?

I'm saving my money for an AxeFx and was wondering if this would be possible using a tube head, speaker load box (mesa boogie cab clone for example) and an audio interface in the mean time. Not having to mic up a real cab for recording would be awesome as long as it sounds good.

Thanks for any info you can send my way.


Hi, Welcome to the forum.

I'm not exactly an expert on Cab Lab, but i don't think it works that way. Cab Lab lets you mix different IR responses of cabs into new ones. These can then be used in the Axe FX. It is not a plugin for a DAW if i'm correct.

But why don't you download the free version of Amplitube and use only the cab section (or the amp and cab section)? gets you up and running while saving up for the magic black box. I quite liked Amplitube before i got the Axe.


Yup it's possible. Get the VST version of CabLab, then some cab packs that's it!

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Yes. Load your head with a load box, take the output of the load box into your computer and run the audio through Cab-Lab. I would recommend a reactive load box rather than a resistive one. Suhr and Rivera make good reactive ones.
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