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Cab Lab 4 on deck?


I made some IRs today with CabLab and CabLab can no longer write to any user slots. I guess that has to do with the new firmware.

I was just gonna post this and I also assume it's because of v22. I'll buy the Cab-Lab 4 Bundle regardless, but as @sprint said, it'd be nice if we get some credit for the full version of Cab-Lab 3 to apply to Cab-Lab 4, or v3 was a pretty short-lived piece of software in my case.

Joe Bfstplk

That's been my only use case so far...

Really hoping with get that for DynaCabs as I'm enjoying the sounds of that a lot!
If CabLab4 gives us DynaCabs and the ability to mix them down to a composite IR, maybe, since space is less limited in a computer app, we'll get some more mic choices. I think that if they only allow mixing down and saving in a proprietary format, it should protect their IP and allow the mixes to be used on Fractal devices. Who knows? Hope they can figure out a way to give us some extra toys. I'd happily purchase 4 and the mic packs from scratch if it could do that. SM7, 160, AKG 414, and U67 would be nice to have. A number of folks would probably like a 421. Probably an e609 and a few others out there people'd want if they were available....


Fractal Fanatic
Really hope CabLab 4 comes out soon, I still use my cab lab 3 as a plug for cab mixes, somethings with in the plug make Logic Pro crash as bug fixes has been abandoned for us paid users of the product, this contrasts the continue development and bug fixes of other fractal products.

The Fractal Reverb 1.5 update was a paid one for 1.0 users and its ok.... but abandoning CabLab 3 bug fixes is not a very Fractal thing to do.....
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