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Cab-Lab 3 Compatible with Axe-Fx III?


My apologies if this has been asked before, but are IR's created with the stand alone version of Cab Lab 3 compatible with the Axe III?


But as of now cablab cannot connect to the III to audition the mixes.
Thanks! That helps a lot. I was considering purchasing Cab Lab stand alone just prior to the Axe FX III launch but am waiting to see if it will be updated for use with the Axe III or if there will be something different.


Fractal Fanatic
Thanks Cliff. I just wiped my iMac and I'm rebuilding it. Cab-Lab-3 stand alone and plug-in was on my list to install and unlok tonight. Hadn't realized it didn't work with my III until tonight.


Hi Cliff. Was the team able to work out the iLok stuff for the Axe 3 support? I'm eager to start making some mixes :)
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