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Cab-Lab 3.5 Possible Bug?


I recently updated my Cab-Lab standalone package to version 3.5, since updating, the software does not recognise any cabs in my presets. When selecting EZsetup, normally Cab 1L displays the cab that is currently being used in the preset, but since the update, the software displays 'Not used in this preset', as it does for 1R, 2L, and 2R. Obviously there has to be some cab being used, but it just does not recognise it. The strange thing is, I still have Cab-Lab Lite installed on the PC, this does recognise the cab in the preset as it should.

This prevents any transfer of mixes from Cab-Lab to my Axe FX XL2+, I believe this is a bug in the software. I have noticed that the 'connected' sign in the top left corner of the screen also drops out.

I have attached screenshots of both the full Cab-Lab software, and the Lite version when trying to connect to the same preset.

Any ideas anyone?


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