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Cab-Lab 3.5 plugins won't install or run in Logic


Fractal Fanatic
I dl'd the newest version of Cab-Lab 3 bundle (3.5) a couple of weeks ago and ran the installers for the standalone app and the 2 plugins.
But today, when I was launching Logic (for the first time in quite a while) I was presented with a slew of error messages telling me that my Fractal Cab-Lab plugins needed to be updated.
So I ran the installers again for the CL3.5 plugins.
But I noticed that when I dragged the plugin file onto the alias icon for the Library folder location(s), that nothing actually got copied to those folders.
So, I erased the 2 files that were already in those locations (presumably from my previous installation of an earlier version of CL 3) and launched Logic again, this time with no errors.
But of course, there's no CL plugins in Logic now at all.
Also when I went back to the plugin installers and moved the files myself into the correct Library folders, rather than using the installer's alias of those folders, now Logic launches with the errors again.
So I deleted those plugin files again and now logic launches as it should.

But how do I get my au and vst CL3.5 plugins working again?
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