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Cab Lab 3.5 no longer working with AFX3 since Dynacabs update?


I haven't used Cablab standalone for some time, I tried today but it seems that mixes can no longer be sent to the cab block, is this because of the Dynacabs update?

The last time I used Cablab, mixes could only be sent to slot 3 and 4 with the bank scratchpad and the number set to correspond with Cablab, now it seems Cablab is trying to use all four slots when EZsetup is used. Cablab is connecting to the Axe, but when a mix is sent from Cab lab, it is not visible in the cab block, there is a pronounced volume drop in audio output and seems as if no processing through an ir, a very thin scratchy sound. I have tried all four cab slots setting to various combinations of scratchpad number but to no avail.

In audio setup, the Axe is selected as the audio driver and there is sound output when 'test' is used. The axe is loaded with the latest FW22 and USB 1.15 driver, Cablab is ver 3.5.

Any suggestions?
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