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Cab Block, can this be done ? Please prove me wrong


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Here is the story, I already know the answer but on the off chance I overlooked something figure I would ask anyway. (And please! Someone prove me wrong)

(1) I have had an Axe Fx II since they came out, and currently have an interest in getting an AX8.

(2) It has recently come to my attention that the cab block of the AX8 is not the same as the AF II (less advanced menu’s)

(3) Allot of people will tell me that allot of the IR’s are so good that you don’t have to worry about the advanced menu’s and I agree I own a lot of the cab packs already.

However I have become very fond of some of those features the one that sticks out the most in my mind is “motor drive” and use it very sparingly and with very few presets. I use it mostly with cleans.

The question-------

Can I somehow make adjustments to the IR in the cab block of the Axe FX II, say “Motor Drive “, “De-phase” whatever. Create a new IR with those settings: and basically burn them into a new file. Then I could use the newly created file on the AX8.

I’m pretty sure this is going to find its way to the Wish-List threads.

BTW this is no way a deal breaker for me the AX8 rules!!

It’s just a case of having something and then have that taken away. The funny thing I have been a long time Fractal user standard > AF II and really did not start using the advanced features in the cab block till this past year.

I also think it would be pretty cool if Cab Lab had the same advanced menu’s as the Axe FX.

A—hhh ! Another Wish-List item


When you say burn them into a new file, if you mean create a tone match and then IR from the tone match, then the motor drive cannot be captured with a tone match / IR. Anything non-linear like distortion or compression is not captured by an IR.

I'm not sure if Cab block Dephase can be captured via tone match in the box or not.

You could get an IR of the Cab block with Dephase by shooting an IR of the Fractal outside the box, using Voxengo, for example.


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Thanks for the replies guy's !!
Not the answers I was looking for, but I kind of knew better to begin with.
Just a case I was looking to have my way.
oh well.

thanks again


I haven't missed anything since switching.

The only parameter I dabbled with was Motor Drive, which did add a little something, but I haven't missed it.

The new FW release for Axe Fx looks interesting as there has been some improvement in Speaker Drive - not sure if this parameter is on the AX8 yet as I haven't tweaked this setting myself.


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I've been a fan of motor drive too and for quite some time, but just tried the new firmware on the axe fx and I think now I can get rid of it with the improved speaker drive, it just adds the right amount of compression and gives a very natural feel that I struggled to get before. Wait for the ax8 update.
Regarding dephase, cablab has smooth parameter that does basically the same thing and can be burned into the IR you export ;)


it just adds the right amount of compression and gives a very natural feel that I struggled to get before. Wait for the ax8 update.
Good to hear.

That's what I felt too with the AFX and Motor Drive - good to know that the improved Speaker Drive brings in some of that compression


De-Phase can be applied in Cab-Lab.

Hey Yek, i dont have Cab-Lab but i have a question. So i have Tone Match i did of my Eric Clapton acoustic. I have an acoustic patch and use it in my Axe II. Recently got an Ax8 and obviously there isnt dephase, preamp etc..so you can add Dephase in cablab and then save the ir and then insert it into the Ax8?. My Axe II preset sound great and my Ax8 is close, but not quite there..thanks


OK thanks so for my next question can someone do that for me? I want to buy Cab lab soon but i need this now. And add 4.00 of dephase? i can email it to you or dropbox the .syx file. if not no worries.
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