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Cab Align: Don't miss this Detail (0-3ms)

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
I thought I'd offer this observation for the sake of posterity.

I have been working on a project which requires me to look very closely at certain User Cab data. To get right to the point: don't miss the fact (as indicated by the small text labels) that the data shown on the Cab Block's ALIGN page (and in Axe-Edit) is windowed from just 0 to 3 ms. That's the very beginning of a full UltraRes capture, "zoomed" so you can easily align the critical peaks in this region for close-miked IRs.

If you are looking at the raw data for a "ROOM" or "FAR FIELD" IR, you will very likely have NOTHING on the ALIGN plot for that IR, because the sound will have taken longer than 3ms to reach the capturing microphone . Not that you'd ever need to align a room, but you will need to use Cab-Lab if you want to visually inspect the contents of such IR files.
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