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Implemented Bypass for Global Graphic EQ(s)


For my uses a few memory presets for the Global Graphic EQ would be the ultimate but in place of that having a method to bypass the Out1 and Out2 eq would be of use for me.

I would use it for playing on different (unknown) speaker systems. If the eq setting I happen to have dialed in does not work with the system I am on I would like to be able to quickly bypass as opposed to fiddling with several adjustments when I have an impatient sound guy or I am really pressed for setup time. As a bonus I a would not loose the setting I have in place.

The bypass function would also be a quick way to check if your eq edits are getting the sound where you want when ear fatigue sets in.

I typically use the eq flat when I play through my personal speakers and use the global eq to compensate when playing on a new/strange system.


First: a selectable parametric EQ - Perfect.
but sadly, no "Bypass" or "Preset" function implemented for the global EQs (dont see anything wheter in the FM3 nor the Editor!)
This will be so helpable. Also, if i can bypass each frequency band in the Parametric EQ it will be so much easyer to fast find and kill resonances or room modes!


"Off" = bypass.

I doubt that a "bypass-per-preset" option will ever be added, because presets do not affect global parameters.


This is not yet implemented to the Axe Fx III, am I right?
It will be on the next Cygnus release I suppose.

PEQ option is awesome BTW

"Off" = bypass.

I doubt that a "bypass-per-preset" option will ever be added, because presets do not affect global parameters.

I think that the presets thing is regarding having some "presets eq setting" to swap when needed.
This would be very handy when playing in different environments and creating an EQ tailored for each.
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