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Burg's Dumbles V2


Always excited for a new Burg's preset and video. Thank you and a happy healthy holiday season to you and yours.:christmastree:
Thanks, Marcus. All the best to you guys too. Cheers!
needed some nice tones for my tele. thank you!
I hope they work for you, Simeon. I'll be welcoming any tweak suggestions from the master. Cheers!
Awesome Brett! Hope you and family are hangin in there. Happy holidays! 👊
Thanks, Lee. All the best to you.


What a tastefully executed demo of a highly versatile preset. Thank you sir for yet another generous and useful contribution to the Fractal users community. Keep-On-A-Rockin'!


Fractal Fanatic
Love it! Thanks Burgs!

Almost dropped my Tele on eBay when I first tried this preset, but had a coffee and came back to realise my wah was on which was why it didn't anywhere like yours! Sorted that out and am loving my Tele again! :D


As stated by others, the last 5 minutes was brilliant! Beautiful and tasty playing while providing further insight on the use of the various scenes. Great job and thank you so much for sharing while you're learning. :cool: One of your replies here reminded me of an old saying, "You teach best what you most need to learn." Brother, you are rocking it!
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