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Burgs Andy Wood EVH Axe-FX II Preset from January 2021


Fractal Fanatic
Re-creation of Burgs January 2021 version of Andy Wood's Woodshed Ep. 24 (also January 2021) Axe-FX III EVH preset.
YouTube's algorithm made me do it.

Burgs AW EVH FM3

Some minor FM3 concessions to keep CPU in the low to mid 70's:

1 - Uses block channels in lieu of multiple amp and cab blocks (Burgs only used one amp at a time anyway).
2 - Only one Flanger block.
3 - No M-Comp in the FM3.
4 - Everything is on economy mode.

Thank you @Burgs !

Burg's video:

Andy's Video:



Fractal Fanatic
Can't wait to get home and check it out! Thank you @Burgs !
How did it work out for you? I just basically copied parameter for parameter everything I could see and it sounded good to me on my Blue Mo-Fi headphones, but I hadn't heard it at volume or with multiple guitar types. I think I just did it with either a Strandberg or an Axis SuperSport, can't remember which.
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