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Bulb - New quick rough song idea!


Hey guys, i have been a bit busy so i havent had much time to record much new stuff for myself.

I did start this idea with the plan of fleshing it out a bit more (you can hear how at the end it kinda just...stops haha) but i just wont have any time in the next few weeks to work on it so i figured i would post it up now.

I have all this awesome toontrack software that they sent me and i havent had time to mess with any of it. This was my attempt to get my metal foundry mix going, it obviously needs a lot of TLC, but i see so much potential with these samples, i think when i have time to really sit down with it ill be able to get a nice balanced mix from this that sounds very different from my current Periphery one which will be very refreshing to say the least!

Anyways enough talking, the song is called "Have a blast" and you can hear it here:



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Thumbs up!

I like it, especially because it has some "fun touch" to it, gives it a light feel whilst still being metal.
uh, does that make sense? :geek:


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Mishas <3

your mix on the album was so amazing!

and this sounds more realistic imo!

the drums actually sound like they are wood! great job dude as always! hehe
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