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Bulb - New pretty and clean song, probably for OMNOM (Axefx


Hey guys.

This song is called "epic fail" because its basically what took place not too long after i recorded it.

I usually am very good about backing up my data, so much so that in Mauritius i had filled up my backup drive, and just as my awesome luck would have it, the day before i went out to buy a new backup drive when i got back here, my laptop's hard drive made that dreaded clicking sound and it was basically toast. To recover the data, the plates would have to be removed and put in a new drive and that i was told would cost me about 1600 bucks which is just not worth it to me...

I lost all the work i did in Mauritius, including Chocolate Flobs, Unleash the Pwnies, this song and a bunch of other song ideas i never posted.
The plan had originally been to make this an OMNOM song (which it will be once i have time to do vocals with Elliot) , but i thought i might as well put it up in the meantime as an instrumental.

As far as the song itself, it was inspired by this awesome tuning that my good buddy Nolly showed me when i was visiting him in the UK. I apologize for the song is a bit rough in places but to fix anything i would have to rerecord it from scratch, which i will do someday....

Ok enough talk here are the links:
http://www.myspace.com/iambulb for myspace
http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7317156 for soundclick



Power User
(sorry, haven't listened to the song)

HDD recovery steps (definitely not guaranteed to work on a clicking drive):

1) make sure you have a good drive recovery program -- I like GetDataBack, but there are some other nice ones too like EasyRecovery Pro, etc. (if you have a Seagate drive, I believe you can get a version of that for free).

2) make sure you're ready to do the recovery (enough free drive space, all utilities ready to go, on a stable and fast system, etc.), since it's likely that you'll only have one shot at it

3) hit the drive lightly... hold it in one of the corners and let it rotate on that corner in your hand so that the side of it hits a hard surface (I can't remember exactly *which* corner you're supposed to hold) -- reason: this is an attempt to knock the "needle" back into place

4) plug in and recover anything you can, as fast as you can, starting with the most important files (it's also possible that you won't be able to recover *anything* here... bummer)

5) last-ditch efforts...
- try different recovery software -- I've had the best consistent luck with GetDataBack, but haven't had any failures recently, so I'm not sure what else might be out there now

- freeze the drive -- this has worked for me once (look it up on the net, and try not to let moisture accumulate on the drive)

- hit it really hard (drop it on the floor or something -- again, this is a "last-ditch efforts" section)

- try SpinRite software -- although that's never really recovered anything for me, it's still fun to watch...

- let it sit for a week or so... who knows?

Also, all of this is recommendations for the specified problem (clicking drive). If your drive simply has a corrupted boot sector or something similar, most of the above recommendations might simply damage the drive further.


thanks for the tips, but i have already been through all that unfortunately (including freezing for 24 hrs)
Last effort is my friend who has a linux box says that he can sometimes recover drives on his machine, im keeping my fingers crossed for that, but i honestly dont have high hopes for that...


1600 is way high man... gillware.com will do it much cheaper, and other places. I have a drive that i'm going to send them soon to recover a bunch of digital pix that i lost to the click of death. I have since put in a 1tb mirror (raid 1 - 2 tb drives) so this will never happen again. anything of any importance is on that mirror.
Nice song, brutal HD failure (Oh technology, thou art but a blessing and a curse!). Definitely use more drives in the future when possible (As I'm sure you already plan to do.).

Good luck with future data storage endeavors; love your stuff and I'd hate for mishaps to get you behind on making more.


dpeterson, hmm i might check that out, but honestly its just a pain, its not like i cant rerecord the songs, whereas with pics its not like you can take them again. I think if it could get fully recovered for 300 bucks i would pay that but no more honestly, cuz there really wasnt anything irreplaceable, just gives me a shit ton of rerecording and programming (sigh...)

SOD: yeah its just tough to get a mirroring raid setup in a laptop haha, but i have been thinking of ways to avoid this problem in the future...but then again no wonder i have such bad luck given that my name is 5/6ths a mishap haha
bulb said:
SOD: yeah its just tough to get a mirroring raid setup in a laptop haha, but i have been thinking of ways to avoid this problem in the future...but then again no wonder i have such bad luck given that my name is 5/6ths a mishap haha

Yeah, it is tough and can generally be somewhat expensive to back your stuff up, however, there are some options that I can recommend.

The first is to buy this or something like it and load it with drives. It is "somewhat" portable and pretty safe unless your house burns down or you drop it (That's one expensive mishap. Looky there, I used your joke. hahaha...).

Then you have options like setting up a Premium Rapidshare account and using that for semi-convinient backup storage. Probably somewhat inconvenient and expensive to an extent, but if you need your files at someone else's computer or something, it can be useful. I also think that you get some kind of points or something that can knock the price down a bit if people download stuff that you upload (I'm under the impression that you can set what is private and what isn't.). So you could, theoretically, set like some of the OMNOM stuff for download there and save cash that way.

A few other no-brainer options like building a server and stuff, but those should be the first things that come up when you put 'backup' into Google.


Power User
(been comparing backup/sync/storage services... if i missed one, feel free to PM me, but I'm not in a hurry to update the spreadsheet -- if it helps anyone's research (speeds it along and such), cool -- http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key= ... iMHIBQAyOQ)

and I can't reply *again* without giving the song a listen!

lovely intro -- perhaps too much high-end though? on desktop speakers anyway, wears on the ears a tiny tiny bit
i like the lead bit that starts at 1:28
2:20ish -- are there strings in there? -- 2:30ish... or what *is* that? -- sounds nice, whatever it is
3:10ish+ -- digging the judicious use of double-bass kick
3:50ish -- bass sticks out a bit too much now in the lighter section

cool :)

from what I've read about your stuff before (I don't usually listen to songs, just read people's replies), I expected something heavier!


http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB276 ... o=OTkyOTQ0

I have a Macbook myself, and have been debating on one of these ^, myself, as my Macbook is my life. It's suppose to work with both Mac, and PC, with partitions.

If my Macbooks HD died I'd be lost. I would loose everything, my recorded music, my budget, my photos, you name it, and it's in here, and it would be gone.

Heck it took me a week and a half just to put my CD collection on this thing, and I don't know how many hours where put into the couple of dozen Garageband tracks. Yeah I can rerip all of my CD's, and the Garageband stuff are all just demos, and ideas, but still.

As far as my budget, and stuff, I guess I really should have hard copies of that stuff, but it was only recently that I got Word, and my printer didn't like the free program I was using before, so that's more of a "when I have the time" issue.

Anyway, I like the tune, pretty, and yet still heavy in a way. Kind of like Alice in Chains Unplugged.

I've got a few like that, but they are more industrial/techno metal stuff. I think I like the juxtaposition of that type of writing. Now all you need is to write the lyrics on some off the wall deranged topic, and you've got the perfect mind f**k [self censor] song.


Superb tone. I assume that it's been mastered with compression? The guitar sounds so thick and full. Great stuff.


That sounds freking great !

The tones are spectacular but the song is actually really cool too. I downloaded it for my mp3 player and my car.

I have heard lots of your other stuff on the Sneap boards etc... and it always sounds fantastic. You have loads of really cool parts but Messugah etc.. generally isnt my thing but this kind of stuff in this clip is just cool.

Well done
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