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Bulb - New Live Intro Idea (for Periphery)


Hey guys!
So the rest of the guys in Periphery are sick of playing that "New Groove" track we have opened almost every show with for the last year, so i figured id take a stab at writing a new one (for when we start off with 7 strings)
I felt like doing something that would set the mood perhaps a bit better and that would work well for leading into our song "Light"

Anyways if you want to check it you can hear it on myspace and soundclick:

We have a show at Ramshead in Baltimore on Sept 10th, and with any luck we might open that show with this intro!



Cab Pack Wizard
Mr. Djent himself! The song sounds proper. It isn't radically different from your other songs (which I really like) so I'm not sure if people will understand that the song is actually new but hey... I'm sure they'll love it!


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mortega76 said:
As an intro... No...

As a new track... definitely Yes!

I agree, its just too different from light. Also it could be that i've listened to your cd LITERALLY 50 times through.... so anything that isn't "track #" is inferior to precede it... Maybe if you were to cut it about in half, and then end with the very beginning (first 2 seconds) of Light and then hang on that ethereal sequence after words and then into the song.


Interesting and exciting composition, as always.

Are we allowed posting clips here without saying something about the guitar tone? ;)

A few words of the rythm guitars, perhaps?
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