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Bulb - In Mauritius! New Djentlemen Clip with the Axefx!


Hey guys, so im in Mauritius (google it!) visiting the Parents and vacationationating and stuff, i had meant to record something earlier but my 7 down here was acting up and only started behaving today. So i have started another project called "The Djentlemen", and the only rule is that it has to groove! Chris (Periphery's vocalist) is handling vocal duties, so expect to hear this with vocals in the near future!

This is the first song i have done on my new laptop, and i havent transferred all of my plugins over yet, so this is a somewhat stripped down mix, but it ended up being a bit more organic sounding and i think it has its own kinda charm, so im going to build up from here and see what happens. The bass is pitch shifted clean guitar since i dont have a real bass here, and all the sounds that arent drums are axefx!

Anyways you can hear the song (it's called "Chocolate Flobs") here on myspace:
or you can hear it in significantly better quality at:



Power User
bulb said:
Hey guys, so im in Mauritius (google it!)

I did... what an ugly island :eek:





haha yeah its a terriboo place to be!
im using an ibanez 7620 with a blaze custom in the bridge


Fractal Fanatic
bulb said:
im using an ibanez 7620 with a blaze custom in the bridge
Hey, I would like to try it, if you don't mind.. If I come back in Mauritius in time to catch you

BTW, it's my first post here since I got my Axe Standard ! But I have nothing to amplify it, no guitar cables etc, so I must wait :x
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