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Bulb - Back from tour and a new rough clip up


Hey guys,
So i didnt have much time to write on tour, but i was sitting on a few ideas and decided to record them when i got back, so here they are.
Just some ideas im messing with, not a complete song yet but i like where its going (though it is a total bitch to play so far haha)

anyways its called "B Equals D" and you can hear it here:



Power User
Great clip Misha!!! I always look forward to hearing some new material from you and it is always awesome!

Hope the recording of Periphery's album is going great! Can't wait to hear it!

By the way, do you use the Axe for bass as well? Just the Ampeg model?


Fractal Fanatic
That is certainly a complex song. The tones sound great, but this might actually be a little over my head.


absolutely amazing bulb \m/ the tour has done your playing a world of good (or you've been holding out on us in the past :lol: )



Misha, you're going to post that patch, right?

You'd make a lot of folks here happy if you did :)


ah unfortunately i dont have my axefx hooked up via midi (still using version 7.04 or something hahah)
but its really simple
its just the fas modern, the od808mod boost in front and the german cab, nice and simpoo!

David dP

:shock: :eek: :shock:

Anyone who can think up something like this, not to mention REMEMBER it, is wired differently than I am !!!

Respect ! :cool:
El Anders said:
What do you use to record?
And do u use drumkit superior?

Amazing btw :)

His equipment is listed on his Soundclick page. Check it out!

However, I also have a question... which guitar did you use on this recording?


New Member
Heyyy dude, Its Dan, if you remember me... you gave me and my friend a guitar lesson @ the house of blues in Hollywood!!

Your shit is ridiculous, love the tone + riffage

btw, Ive been picking 50 % harder since our lesson ; )
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