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Bulb and Mark do an epic FF7 cover for the Haunted Shores EP


Hey guys!
Mark wanted us to do a FF7 cover for the Haunted Shores ep we are doing, and since we couldnt really pick one thing we decided to do a medley of sorts. It was a real labor of love because we kinda obsessed over getting as many of the the details and layers into our interpretation as possiboo!
Used the Jp7 and the Axefx for this one!
Anyways, its called "Prelude Bombfare" and you can hear it here:

http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8270397 if you want to download/listen to in better quality!



Bad ass man. Crazy.

For the first minute, I was like. Okay, i've heard these arpeggios before. Then the rest of the band came in and my jaw dropped.

Oh, and i LOVE that game.
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