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Bulb - A new song up on myspace and soundclick! (Axefx, Jp6,


Hey guys

Havent really had much time to write anything new as of late what with us working on the Periphery full length. But today Tom had to cancel bass tracking so that he could pick up a much needed shift at work, so i had the day to myself and decided to record something new with some ideas i had been sitting on.

The song is called "Froggin' Bullfish" and you can hear it here:
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_mu ... dID=147108

Used the JP6 with the Painkiller in the bridge on this one and my friend's amazing Pedulla bass that he is kindly letting us borrow for the album.



Great tune. It's always a treat to hear someone doing something original!
Keep up the good work.



Fractal Fanatic
So, how is the album doing Misha ? And can we expect the "Juggernaut" EP soon after ? :p


IMO the main riff at 1:02, and then it's returning variations (especially toward the end of the tune with the Thordendal type overlay at 3:36), is your specialty. After only a couple listens this groove keeps losing me through its second revolution, but when I'm locked on the riff actually makes me chuckle because it rocks me so hard me in such a twisted way. Great stuff.

Just out of curiosity have you and Chimpspanner ever gotten together?
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