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Building your own FRFR using the same driver as the Matrix GFR12 (plans included)


Hey, im a diy type of guy and have built guitar cabs in the past.
I noticed that B&C (company that makes the driver for the new Matrix GFR12 FRFR) has a "suggested design" build plan for the B&C 12HCX76 on their website:


The driver is available at lots of places, just google the model number.

What do you guys think? Apart from maybe tweaking the crossover, im curious as to how Matrix has improved on the manufacturer's suggested design?

Not trying to start a war.... just want to learn :)

Getting the driver shipped over to Australia and then building the box would be waaaay cheaper!


Looks like they go for around $600. That would value the Matrix enclosure, crossover, etc at $229.

You are thinking of the CFR12 ($829 from Matrix).... which has a cheaper Celestion driver afaik. The official price for the GFR12, which uses the B&C driver, has not yet been released... I imagine it will be quite a bit more. I guess we'll have to wait and see where they price the more expensive GFR12 to see if building this is worth it.... and even then it might not sound nearly as good as the Matrix design. I just though id let the more handy people out there know that these plans exist :)


Aha - I thought it looked like a different cone, but it was obscured by the grill in the picture. That B&C driver looks pretty sweet.
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