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Building Axe-Fx III rig - sell or keep the following?


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After breaking a few fingers in my left hand I am submitted that I will just be a home noodler from here out - going to go all in w/ an AXE FX3 rig - I have the following - if I am making the transition do I sell all of the following or keep anything?

Bogner 101b with matching OS 2x2
Mega Roadster with matching 4x12
Mesa Theile 1x12
Rocktron 400 Power Amp
POD HD 500


Power User
That would SO solve all your problems though. No endless where is the amp in the room feel discussion. And unless they soundproofed their homes who still needs a 2x12 or 4x12 at home?
Going from playing Bogner and Mesa heads to headphones is a bit drastic. I'd add keep the power amp, a cab, and then get a pair of studio monitors.

And, until the fingers heal, maybe a kazoo.


I'd suggest to keep all of them for now (well maybe sell the POD) and try the AXE with the cabs for a bit. Don't rush into selling if you don't have to.


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I would say keep them all. That way you'll have several options for stacking them depending how you want to view your Axe-FX III.
That will save you the trouble of buying a stand for the Axe-FX III.


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I use a podhd500 as an extra midi switcher for Axefx. The pod has some nice midi features - in particular the ability for switches to send different midi commands depending on the current pod patch setting, and, the ability to toggle pod switches on/off remotely. With the PosHd paired with Fractal Mfc and some programs I created in Bome Midi Translator pro software, I've been able to create a footswitching system for Axefx3 that's quite powerful (includes 2 additional sets of linked switches (8 in total) on the pod, initial state recall on the pod by Axe patch, a 2nd layer
of switches on the pod for looper functions, 17 switch functions on mfc includong 2 sets of linked switches + 4 linked scene change switches - 8 expression pedals (4 from mfc, 2 direct to Axefx, 2 with podhd).

Addionally, using the bome scripting I can swap in/out external post fx like Eventide H9 and Source Audio Nemesis delay to a specific mfc switch (ie - swap out Axefx delay, swap in Nemesis delay on the same
Mfc switch).

Currently I'm working on a seitch function that swaps in a plugin amp section - cool! - uses Axefx3 usb routing (kind of useless though as there are no amp model plugins I've heard that are better than axefx models).

The whole pod/mfc/bome thing is tiding me over nicely till I pull trigger on FC. It's not a mobile config especially with Midi translator needing to be running on a mac, but, the midi processes could be externalized with something called "bomebox" which would enable it all to run without a computer.
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