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Build a rock rig in 5 minutes


Leon, you’re videos have become “must see” items for me...you are very talented, thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge in these clips.


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Just goes to show, no endless tweaking needed. People get too wrapped up in all the functionality of the Axe FX that they become intimidated, and the first thing I tell them, just because there are a bajillion controls doesn't mean you have to use all of them.
Great Work!


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Its also cool to see for the guys buying or thinking of buying an FM3
You can easily have your dirt lead
On off rhythm delay Tap tempo
And tuner on 3 switches


Fractal Fanatic
This quick build interface is so useful
Thats what i hope they come up w for the performance screen
A smaller window or dialog box that opens and you can just drag the controls into the box slots 1 to 10 and hit save Quick build functionality would be awesome


Love the CS options.. have to fool with that some more ... A little MSG at the end sealed the deal.. Thanks


One cool trick I just picked up from this video is that you can use a Control Switch and it's per-scene setting to control things without actually using a Control Switch on your controller.

Normally, I would use a Scene Controller for that... But this is simpler for basic on/off controls.
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