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Bug views on layout links ?


Maybe I missed something.
When I put view 2 in a layout link and restart Ax III this view information goes back to view 1.This only happens on the switches of the system layouts and not on the switches in a per-preset
I'm using firmware 12.07 on Ax III, Ax Edit version 1.05.10 and FC6 1.11


Hmmm.... Looks like you have it set up in the correct screen. When you set the view to View 2, did the Save Preset button light up yellow?
No Joe, the preset button light stay off, but even so I already tried saving the preset to find out if I would change this behavior but it didn't work, so I deduced it is the behavior of the system area.
It doesn't happen on your system?

Joe Bfstplk

Seems to work fine on per-preset overrides, as noted. Rebooting the Axe does not wipe out the View attached to the Layout link.

Testing on regular layout switches shows it indeed goes away after reboot.
Before reboot:


After reboot:

Looks like it is not saving the View along with the Layout Link when it's attached to a regular link button. The Per-Preset Overrides are attached to the preset, so it makes sense that a difference in behavior could show up between them.

Tested it with adding the Layout Link with View 2 via the front panel interface, and it behaves the same way. After reboot, it says View 1.

Looks like you've found a bug....
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