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Buckethead - interworld and the new innocence (cover)


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hello :) so I'm doing a cover for a school project. I'm going to add lead guitar aswell, but what do you think about the whole? :)

here's what I'm covering:

and here's my cover:

I know a lot of this is is in the lead guitar so I'll add that too in a while (exams in school at the moment).

maybe I'll make a youtube video of the lead guitar part thingie. the guitar is all axe-fx using a tweaked patch of "glassy Clean" found on the forum somewhere.

I think it was meant for Tesseract kind of cleans with the original intention. I guess you can't hear the guitar too well for now, yeahp - I'll just add the lead guitar in some time :p

with the lead guitar it's going to be a mix of the first one and this one:

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Old thread, but doesn't matter.

This is sick! Well done.

Do you have any Buckethead patches for the III?
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