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Brit 800 #34 - amp x/y time lag


I was building a preset with the Brit 800 #34. With this preset I have set Scene 1 as a base tone (amp X), Scene 2 is the same amp with a little more input drive (via amp Y). With this amp I have noticed a time lag switching scene 1 to scene 2. I have scene 3 using amp X and adding a drive and there is no lag switching scene 1 to scene 3 (trying to eliminate the scene switch as the cause of the lag).

I'll attach the preset (fw 7.01). If anyone has time to try it let me know if you experience the same time lag and if you have any comments / advice on what I am missing, if there is a work around or if it just how it is. I have not found the lag so noticeable with other amp models (x/y switching).

Thanks in advance.


  • Marshall 34 L2.syx
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There's a lag when changing x/y with any amp blocks.

If it seems longer than with other amps, check to see if you are also changing x/y on the Cab or Reverb blocks.


I typically use Scene1 controller to modify input trim or input gains, and scene2 controller to modify output level of amp block (or a separate VOL block) to compensate for level differences. With that setup, and for the way I use it, I never have to do X/Y switching of amp block between scenes in a patch. My scenes just toggle effects on/off and X/Y state of the effects.


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Try using a Scene modifier on the Input gain instead.

This is what I do.
Use Scene controller 1 for Input Trim. Scene controller 2 for Cab Level.
The pain is getting the volume levels just right. At home I get them close, at the gig in my ears there is always a slight difference.
I typically use 4 scenes per preset going from clean to lead.


Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Sounds like the Scene controller will solve this issue for me. I will be trying this a little later today when I get to rehearsal. I think I will be reworking a bunch of my presets... I completely forgot about scene controllers, so I am glad I asked.
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