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Bring the amp decay to life!


New here
Hey, guys!

I am lucky to be able to test the Axe III and the Kemper for 30 days at home.

My impressions so far:
- The Kemper has an incredible decay. It's unbelievable fun to strike a chord and listen to it fade out for 20 seconds. I have that less with the Axe, I find its Decay a bit boring. It has something to do with compression and non-linearity of... don't know exactly.

- The Kemper doesn't have a sound pre-installed that I like with my guitar (which is a kind of special snowflake, because it doesn't get along with many amps: a Carvin DC727 with DiMarzio Evo Bridge and PAF Neck). And I can hardly adjust anyg. With the Axe, on the other hand, there are many of them and I can adjust everything down to the tiniest detail.

So far I've tended strongly towards the Axe. My only wish would be to animate the decay (which can happen automatically with one of the next updates, who knows). I got good results with some Output and Speaker Compression, as well as with higher Compression Clarity and Input Dynamics.
I'll try some slow and discreet random LFO on some parameters when I hook the Axe up to my PC with Reaper.

Does anyone have any further tips?
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Not sure what you’re talking about. Nothing is “compressed” about the Amp sims.

Maybe the preset you tried had a compressor or input gate set too high? Check those things or make a new preset from scratch with just amp and an appropriate cab.


I can't compare to Kemper, but on some amps/settings the decay (and dynamic range) is insane, especially through headphones.
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