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Brian May Sound


Unfortunately, emulating a TREBLE BOOSTER into a VOX kind of amp is not the strong suit of the AXE FX. In other words, it sounds really poor. This falls within the domain of passiv guitar, guitar cable, an a good analog amp.
I tried it so often on the AXE with no good results.

Not only a secret weapon to Brian May but also Richie Blackmore and Rory Gallagher.

I have an BSM RPA Treble Booster . This beast delivers 8 Volt at output when full blown. Only a good amp can handle this on the input.
So from Hi Gain to clean only with your guitars volume knob. So amazing.

Hope this can be emulated one day with the AXE.
I believe as the story goes that it was Rory Gallagher who turned Brian May on to the treble booster into an AC 30 when they crossed paths..
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