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Boston ish....

I was playing around with transferring settings over from my low-end Line 6 FX100 and came along with this Boston-ish type of tone. This was just a bit of an experiment to see if it would work or not.
The first file was the starting point. I think its kind of ok. I then read somewhere about adding a filter for the Rockman type of sound so thats the file with filter eq on it.
As I keep on saying I'm new to all of this so pretty much rubbish at it all. :laughing: But trying things out makes me smile.
Tweak away ladies and gentlemen.


Thank you @Anton Aristov
I'm pleased you like it, I'm as mentioned on the forum a novice to my Fractal AX8 and it's workings.
It's a preset that can be tweaked and messed around with, added too, moved around and when you are happy with it stored.
I used a Line 6 app for my FX100 (you don't need to own a line 6 product to download the app) and typed in Boston to see what came up and then used an already made Line 6 preset (from their cloud) to get some base settings. If you are on coronavirus lockdown and bored, the app may well be worth a look for many other inspirational sound settings. Thank you once again for your kind comment (even though in reality I just copied settings from my Line 6 app).
Take care in these unusual times and stay safe!


Thanks I’ll try it out. Best Boston tone I ever found was from a user preset on Bias FX. Problem was it was ruined after a new upgrade to the software. 🥴
Thank you @Rick for your comment.

I feel like a bit of a cheat with just pulling tone settings from another device. lol
I already have a couple (or three) Moke presets on my AX8 (bought s/h with 2 Moke presets) and a new "The Boys are back in town" Thin Lizzy bought by myself. All excellent. Highly recommended to one and all.
Moke's harmony stuff (Thin Lizzy) is superb, if only I could work out how to create multiple-part harmonies my Boston preset might be a lot better.
That's part of the fun though, tweaking and fiddling around with all of the settings.
Thanks again, rock on.
Thank you @Digitalnoob , If you have any more experience of all this modern technology than me I'm sure you will tweak and adjust to find something worth playing with!
Incidentally, I was playing around with the custom scale settings for More than a feeling and Peace of Mind, it seemed 3rds would work well with MTAF and 5ths would work with POM. Obviously adjust and set your key setting as needed.
If you find you can improve (probably not that hard) the preset please share it up so we can continue to play around with it?
By the way, I had been watching Bostyx to get ideas of the sound rather than original Boston stuff. These are a great band.
That's fantastic to hear! The band sounds great and your guitar playing melodic and very tasteful.
I don't know if I can really take credit for the preset as it came from my Line 6 FX100 cloud thing. I'm no expert with presets but to hear your playing has put a big smile on my face today! I've subscribed to your band's Youtube channel and I'm looking forward to listening to other songs that you have shared. Thank you once again for giving the preset a tryout, you are a star in the making!
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