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Boss CE-1 serial #1… yours for only $1,000,000


Fractal Fanatic


I feel deceived... It was NOT listed for $1,000,000 as the article stated... It was $999,999.99 + $150 shipping.

Sorry, but if I pay that much money, I expect it to be delivered personally by the seller and free of charge.



Fractal Fanatic
I'd like to know the final purchase price.

Got cracked up with the article link you posted saying that a good prospective buyer might be a tipsy John Mayer. :p🥃


One of the stupidest ads I have ever seen. Now I still have my old boss pedals, well, 2 of them, Compressor and a chorus. I keep them just because.....
They are definitely OLD, but not nearly that old. But with my old tube screamer, you never know if they will be needed some day!
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