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FS Bogner Goldfinger 45 and 1x12 Matching Cab


Bogner GF45, original version, not the SL. Includes foot switch and FS cable and a power cord. It's in great shape, a couple small dings in the Tolex on the lower right front, and in the pics. The close ups make it look worse than it is. All stock, sounds fantastic, and works perfectly. I am the original owner, and it is the only amp I kept after I got the AxeFx III a few years ago. The matching open back GF OS 1x12 cab, V30 16ohms. Cab is in like new condition.

$1800 for head and cab together, $1400 for the head, 450 for the cab separate. local deal only in the Austin to San Antonio area. I do get to Dallas and Houston from time to time, so that might be an option. Not really looking for any trades, but could be temped by a certain PRS like a Paul's Guitar, 2020 spec 594, older SC245/SC58/Ted SC.

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