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Closed Blocks bypassed by default on every other scene but the one you're working with when you add it

Ugly Bunny

Power User
Let's say I have 8 scenes, all pretty well tailored the way I like. Now, I decide to add a filter and an overdrive on just the scene I'm working with. I now have to go through every other scene to turn the new blocks off. But if they were off by default on all the other scenes, then there wouldn't be any problem and no chance I forgot to turn them off and wonder why my other scenes sound funny.
This was considered a long time ago, but most people wanted to have blocks active when added. Now with scenes so heavily used, this may have changed. As mentioned, the Block menu in Edit can Bypass a Block in all Scenes quickly.
I fully agree. Makes more sense when creating a big virtual pedalboard or effect rack.
Maybe make the behavior optional.
This and a couple of other features that have been mentioned would be great as optional ON/OFF features in a menu somewhere. Maybe if we got enough wishes for simple behaviors like this put together, it would justify having a menu for them and implementing them.
That's a really good point. I'm sure there are a lot of little options like this that don't quite deserve their own implementation and menu, but a lot of them together might. Good call :)
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