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Wish Block to Mimic Digitech Freqout

Alex Kerezy

No need for new amps and cabs.................more FX (in the Axe).

Please create a block that provides feedback - like the Digitech Freqout.

Lots of folks run their Axe Fx into the PA system with earbuds and don't have an real physical amp and cabinte amp to create feedback. We need an effect to rock it out.

Feedbackless in Philly


This has been asked for and discussed a bunch of times, with varying levels of success. Short of copying DigiTech’s algorithm I don’t think it can be truly reproduced. At least I haven’t found anything close to as nice as the pedal, which I still use.

Luckily, the pedals have gotten pretty cheap used, so no better time to pick one up. It’s a fantastic pedal, probably my favorite pedal purchase of 2018.

If by some chance they update soemthing where the Axe can fully replace the pedal, then I’ll by all means sell the pedal and be quite happy, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

If there is an effect you really want, better (Imo) to simply use what works, though doesn’t hurt to make a wish!


Power User
I"m seeing FreqOuts going for $129 brand new now.

To b clear, the core of the FreqOut is based upon the principle of automatic feedback elimination in reverse. If the Axe FX could have a auto feedback elimination then it might be able to have the inverse.

Alex Kerezy

Come on guys..... the ENTIRE REASON I bought an Axe-fx iii is to get rid of my pedal board. I know that this is not the case for everyone, I get that. But it is the case for many people.

The product already has a bazillion amps and cabs - so it "seems" to me asking for blocks that mimic pedals already out there --- which is what many of the existing blocks do already -- seems pretty reasonable to me.



You are free to wish for the moon and the stars... There is no guarantee of anything ;)

As mentioned, this has been requested and discussed (several times) before.


I'd say just get the pedal. I picked one up new for $85. I don't think Cliff is going to be doing any more major updates for the II.
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