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Black Crowes, Slash, and Joe Satriani in a blender (but less bloody)


I've found that the mastering process brings up the highs and presence of a mix. So I dial up a tone, record it, and listen to it back ensuring that the mastering plugin (Ozone 4 in my case) is operating on the master mix track so I hear can what that tone actually will sound like on the final track. The Ozone settings will always vary slightly from when I start to when I finish but the settings are usually close enough to give me a general idea.

So that's probably why the dry tones sound a bit darker than the finished product.
That is a good way to *glue* the entire mix vs. individual tracks.

I don't have to de-ess lead vox or high hats, so I feel like I'm way shy about boosting highs.



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Man what a killer sounding clip! Great playing as well. Just stumbled across this while searching for Black Crowes stuff. I need to get an AxeFX again!


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Thanks guys. I think I'm going to do a play through video for this one soon. It will lend itself to the creamy vintagey goodness that is FW 10.0 quite well. ;).


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Awesome work. As someone who has been constantly frustrated trying to create an authentic Slash tone, I'd say you pretty much nailed it. Would love to see your presets, and a video guide to dialling in would be very useful.


Sounds awesome and is the "full" sound that I have been chasing. Presets and video are of very high interest.


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Great sound & playing, indeed feels closer to slash than the others. For my part I'd love to tweak around a bit with the patches on V10 thatI'll install tonight. Are they already on Axechange ?
Thanks & keep on rockin' !
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