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Billy Sheehan?

Anyone got a good Billy Sheehan bass preset? I bought the Austin Buddy bass pack and the Geddy is really good, now if I just had a Billy I'd be good enough since guitar is my main instrument.
Do you have 2 outputs on your bass?
No, I have a Carvin LB75 with active/passive pickups and controls. I know Billy's Yamaha does and he runs it to different spots. I haven't got to playing bass on this yet; you think it'll hurt my Mission Engineering Gemini II...won't be cranking it?
Doesn't he know we have limitations? What kind of uncaring monster is he? Seriously though, I think there is a Sheehan preset out there for Helix. If I can find a deep dive on that it'll give me a ballpark. Thanks!


He did a clinic at the local guitar shop 3-4 years ago and "only" brought a bi-amp rig. Still sounded great and massive!

One key to his tone is that he runs one amp that is nothing but lows all the mid/high frequency content is filtered before the amp... On its own, that amp sounds like poo but with the other amps on it makes a big difference.

Good luck!
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